The Solo Trip.

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Travelling by oneself can be quite the adventure.
66% of Americans would like to undertake such a journey or have already.

People love the experience of solo voyages for a variety of reasons.
47% like it because it allows them the freedom to choose their itinerary
without having to answer to someone else.
37% find it easier to relax when by themselves on such excursions.
32% feel that they boost their self-confidence.
32% like the opportunity to visit places that their typical travelmates would not enjoy.
17% find it easier to meet new people when alone.

Not all types of trip are favored equally by solo travelers.
57% would savor visiting another US city alone.
50% would like to put on some tunes and hit the road unaccompanied.
40% would want to do a beach vacation on their own–while only…
25% would want to go camping by themselves.

There are a number of reasons that people choose not to travel alone.
57% express feeling unsafe about it.
51% feel that it would be lonely.
23% aren’t comfortable making travel arrangements by themselves.
23% say that their family and friends are opposed to it.

Source: Yougov Realtime

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