The changing landscape of pregnancy advice.

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84% of expectant mothers are unsure about
their health choices that they made during their pregnancy.

Even after
49% changed what they ate
27% altered the cleaning supplies that they used, and…
22% modified their skin care product choices,
women were still uncertain about making good decisions during pregnancy,
which is understandable,
considering the changing nature of pregnancy advice given by non-professionals,
some of which makes good sense–
and some of which is pure superstition.

Older generations were, in fact, surprised about
a lot of pregnancy advice going around.
42% were baffled about the idea that pregnant women should avoid cutting their hair.
33% wondered why cold cuts or novel vegetables should be dietary no-nos.
32% were astonished by the no-touching-of-cats policy.
(21% were shocked about the no-changing-of-kitty-litter policy)
29% hadn’t heard about how pregnant women should not lay flat on their backs.
25% did not know about the notion that hair dye should be eschewed.
21% didn’t get the memo about pregnant women avoiding sweets.

Yet, it’s not just the advice from non-professionals that’s changing.
38% of pregnant women claim that the advice that their doctors gave them
was different from what their mothers were told while pregnant.

Some of the top tips given by doctors (according to the survey) were–

Use prenatal vitamins–64%
Refrain from alcohol–59%
No smoking–57%
Reduce stress–46%
Avoid saunas–27%
No ibuprofen–27%
Don’t change cat litter–25%

Source: Study conducted on behalf of Monistat

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