Gen Z and Millennials best prepared to deal with workplace distractions…maybe.

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99% of American employees report being distracted at work in their work area.
Over 50% claim that such distractions make it difficult to listen or to be heard on calls
while working at their personal workspace.
51% say that distractions make it tough to listen or be heard on calls.
48% claim it adversely impacts their focus.

The problem–noisy co-workers.
76% say that one of their largest sources of distraction
comes from co-workers who speak loudly on the phone.
65% say that co-workers talking nearby is a big distraction.

56% of Millennials and..
55% of Gen Z prefer open offices–compared to
38% of Boomers.
Perhaps, these differences are due to the fact that
52% of Gen Z say they are most productive when talking with others
or working around noise, while…
60% of Boomers feel that they are most productive when it is quiet.

These differences could also be due to the fact that younger generations are
To deal with such distraction,
35% of Gen Z will use headphones to deal with distraction–compared to only…
16% of Boomers.
About four in ten Gen Z and Millennials will move to more comfy spaces,
such as an office couch, to work.
Yet, more than half of Baby Boomers will only work at their primary work area.

All of this said, it is still worth noting that..
three times as many Boomers than Gen Z workers
say that they’re unable to find a solution for their open office distractions.

Source: Study performed on behalf of Plantronics.

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