Americans getting ready for weather.

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74% of Americans think that the weather is getting more severe, and…
40% of us have experienced damage to our home or have needed to evacuate because of severe weather–
20% these issues have happened in the past 5 years–yet…
42% of us don’t have plans for evacuation in the event of severe weather–and only…
19% have some sort of family meet-up plan.

The likelihood that Americans will heed evacuation advice depends on who gives that advice–
50% of us will evacuate based on a government warning–
44% will leave if those who urge us to go are family–
34% of us will skedaddle if prompted to do so by close friends.

31% of us would always evacuate if there was a warning.
Yet, of those of us who would not evacuate
23% would stay because of a belief that evacuation was unneeded–
19% would remain for family members and…
20% would stay for their pets.

Regardless, of whether we stay or go–
62% of us will be glued to TV or streaming services as the storm passes.

Source: Study performed for The Weather Company/IBM

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